Long Distance Moving

A Long Distance move requires more preparation, patience, and skill to competently move all belongings from one point to another. At Smart Movers Canada, our team is dedicated in planning the move as specifically as possible to ensure that there will be no surprises during the entire process. A manager will be assigned to each client to effectively plan the move according to the clients' wishes and to answer any questions that may arise.

To decrease the cost of your North American move, learn of any access restrictions that your new home may have and make any necessary arrangements in order for the truck to access your walkway; make sure to notify our moving consultant of this barrier. Find out if the surrounding area of the destination can accommodate a large truck, if not, a shuttle may be needed. Also, create a 'List of Item' that records all furniture, appliances, and boxes along with the number of each item present. Our moving consultants will ask for the information on this list in order to provide you with the most accurate moving estimate. Make sure all require documentation is prepared ahead of time.

We self-insure all of your belongings and take full responsibility if any items are damaged.