Pool Table Moving

As a separate service, Smart Movers Canada is equipped with the skill and knowledge to cautiously disassemble/assemble a billiard table, a complicated process that should be performed by only professionals. We have many years of experience in handling delicate property, treating it as our own, and packing it to avoid any damage during the moving process. We perform this service as an extra to our relocation services and can come several days in advance and prepare the billiard table for the move before it occurs so that you can focus on other things. As per request, Smart Movers Canada can also assemble the billiard table at the new address.

Relocating a billiard table includes:

  • Disassembly (dismantling);
  • Packaging of the table in a special packaging material, which will dependably protect the table;
  • Loading and unloading and transportation to the place of installation;
  • Assembly and installation of a billiard table.