Piano Moving

Moving a piano is a difficult and time-consuming process, often leaving people in tears if not done right. The large frame and heavy weight, as well as the sensitivity to shocks requires movers that know exactly how to handle such a fragile instrument. Aside from physical strength, our movers work very well in teams and have great coordination, especially when working with large items.

At Smart Movers Canada, we have developed effective solutions for shipping and moving pianos. Our piano moving service includes wrapping the piano in shrink wrap and large blankets to ensure the exterior will not be damaged. Next, the piano is loaded onto our truck and fixed with special fasteners to make sure the piano will not move around the vehicle. Our piano moving services is extra and not included in the relocation costs, please speak with our moving consultant to learn more.

Please remember to configure the piano after it has been delivered because the vibration and shocks that are inevitable lead to small changes in the way the instrument sounds.